Intelligent Solutions for your Retail Partner

Executive Summary

In today's competitive retail landscape, suppliers and manufacturers face the challenge of maintaining compliance with trading terms, while maximising efficiency and profitability. This Whitepaper explores the transformative impact of real-time retailer visibility - enabled by cutting-edge technologies like tapestry - on compliance, sales, cost management, risk reduction and supplier-retailer relationships.

Top Three Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Compliance Monitoring: Real-time insights into retailer activities ensure adherence to trading terms.
  2. Optimised Sales and Marketing Strategies: Immediate visibility into product placement and promotions drives informed decision-making.
  3. Strengthened Supplier-Retailer Relationships: Transparency fosters trust and collaboration, leading to mutually beneficial outcomes.


The need for real-time visibility in retail operations is paramount. Suppliers and manufacturers must adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and consumer behaviours. Traditional compliance monitoring methods are no longer sufficient. This paper advocates for a proactive approach, leveraging real-time insights to uplift compliance and trade smarter, not harder.

Real-Time Insights: A Game Changer

Real-time retailer visibility provides suppliers with live data on key metrics such as current sell price, product placement and promotional activities. This level of insight is crucial for ensuring compliance with trading terms and responding swiftly to market changes.

Utilising tapestry: A Case Study

tapestry, a leading commerce technology, exemplifies the power of real-time insights. By integrating with retailer systems, tapestry offers a comprehensive view of product performance across individual stores, chains or banners. Suppliers can monitor compliance in real-time, enabling immediate corrective actions if necessary.

Impact on Key Business Areas

Increase Sales

Real-time data empowers suppliers to identify best-selling products and underperforming areas. This insight allows for rapid adjustments in marketing and distribution strategies, directly impacting sales positively.

Lower Costs

Efficient monitoring and analysis reduce operational costs. Suppliers can streamline processes, allocate resources more effectively and avoid penalties related to non-compliance.

Reduce Risk

Immediate visibility into retailer activities mitigates risks associated with market volatility. Suppliers can anticipate and respond to changes, safeguarding their market position.

Increase Compliance

Real-time monitoring ensures that retailers adhere to agreed terms. Suppliers can swiftly address any deviations, maintaining a consistent standard of compliance.

Better Relationships

Transparency and shared insights foster a collaborative environment. Retailers and suppliers can work together more effectively, enhancing trust and long-term partnerships.


The era of reactive compliance and fragmented visibility is over. With technologies like tapestry and Supply+, suppliers can now enjoy real-time insights into their retail partners' activities. This advancement is not just about monitoring compliance; it's a strategic tool for driving sales, reducing costs, managing risks and building stronger relationships.

Suppliers and manufacturers are invited to embrace this new paradigm. By trading smart, not hard, they can transform their operations, achieve compliance effortlessly, and secure a competitive edge in the dynamic retail landscape.