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For Retailers

Instant, Actionable Insights for Your Business.

New Income Stream
Saves Time
Increase Sales
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Effortlessly share real-time information across your business and with partners to boost sales, reduce costs, lower risks, and ensure seamless compliance with trading terms.

For Suppliers

Engage customers at the shelf level in real-time.

Gain real-time visibility into your products’ performance and category trends through your retail partners. Make informed decisions to boost sales, optimize promotions, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure compliance with trading terms.

For Co-operatives

Unite your data, amplify your buying power.

Maximise your purchasing power by consolidating and analyzing member data. Unlock economies of scale in group buying and generate new revenue through data monetization.

For Resellers

A win-win-win situation.

Unlock your customers' data by becoming a reseller partner, which allows them to access the benefits of tapestry's commerce product and creates a new incremental income stream for your business.

For Shoppers

Shopping Redefined: Personalised, Just for You.

Provide your shoppers with the experience they deserve: a personalised in-store catalog, tailored promotions, and access to essential information, all in the palm of their hands.

Your data working for you.

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