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Jack Blain - Supplier

The Fine Food Merchant

"Supply+ has enabled us to gain a level of understanding as to how our products are performing in-store unlike anything before it. 

As a supplier, our ability to monitor real-time sales data provides us with so many tools to better manage our independent retail accounts. 

Not only has the software allowed us to analyse individual store/SKU performance, but it has also enhanced our relationship with the retailer as we are far more equipped to have deeper, relevant discussions about how we can better manage our relevant categories, to provide the best possible offering for our consumer."

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Tim Tyndale - Direct Supplier


"Launching a new product, it can be prohibitively expensive to gain access to the same data as established competitors, which hampers the speed and accuracy of our decision-making. Having access to our products' performance in real time gives us richer insights about who and where our customers are, allowing us to focus our efforts where they will see the biggest returns."

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Richard Cowley - Supplier


Data is playing an ever-growing role in shaping the future. In order to continually improve our product offerings and meet the needs of our customers, it is essential that we have real-time access to information on how our products are performing. This includes making adjustments to things like price, promotion, and placement. The prospect of being able to obtain this data directly from partners is a thrilling one.

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Harin Rajeswaran- Direct Supplier

OLOE®  Shake

"At the moment we’re literally going in the store and asking the manager how it’s going, the insights would be amazing for us to understand flow better."

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