Instant, actionable insight across your business.

Easily share real-time information across your business, helping to boost sales, optimize inventory, reduce costs, maximize opportunities, lower risks, create transparency, and comply with trading terms.

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Smart Insights at Your Fingertips.

Simple features to drive action.

Your data working for you.

About tapestry technology

Drive additional revenue by sharing data directly with your suppliers.

Find out how your suppliers can benefit from real-time data.

Unite your data, amplify your buying power.

Find out about how your retailers can benefit by forming a collective.

Reward your locals through your current loyalty program with local rewards.

Drive customer engagement with personalised deals and promotions.

What our customers' are saying.

Michael Reddrop - CEO

Large Independent Chain Owner

“Christopher and his team have continued to forge ahead delivering on every promise they have made. I’m excited about the future of our industry with Retail+ in our corner.”

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Silvestro Morabito - Retail Industry Veteran

Morabito Consulting Group

Independent food, liquor, hardware and automotive businesses need new technology to succeed. Our data should benefit consumers, suppliers and managers. Retail+ provides cost-effective tools with full data ownership.

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Lincoln Wymer - COO

Large Chain

“ The Retail+ platform is really powerful in identifying growth opportunities and understanding areas of operational improvements across our stores, departments, areas and group. Helping give me the oversight I need in my role"

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Mike Martyn- Retail Industry Veteran

Group Analyst

Retail is Detail, Retail+ provides access to real-time information at all levels of the business, delivering win-win outcomes with supplier negotiations, whilst creating new opportunities for growth and revenue.

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Adrian Corcoris

Multi Store Owner

"The insights that Retail+ has delivered have been eye opening into what is possible in unlocking new areas of opportunity for growth across our stores."

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Yes. We can integrate with your current systems.

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