Introducing tapestry® | Take ownership of your data.

For the past few decades there has been a silent battle going in our relationship to technology.

The problem. We need technology as it is convenient and unlocks economies of scale. But to access these benefits that technology requires our information (data.)

Because of the desire to access these technology we have chosen to trade our information for those benefits at the loss of our privacy, our attention and even our independence.

The trade off has allowed organisations, systems, platforms to restrict access to opportunities and allow the information we are exposed to to be swayed towards their own gain.

As we enter 2023 and the world becomes more oriented towards data, artificial intelligence and machine learning we need to address this problem.

Right now. We have the opportunity to re-define this relationship and change the paradigm taking control and ownership of our information.

At tapestry we believe that you should have full ownership and control over your information along with an easy, affordable way to access the tools you need to compete in the modern day technology environment.

We believe in empowering people to make the most of their own data and to take ownership of that data.

That’s why we’re dedicated ourselves to building tools that help people leverage their own data to do good in the world.

Because of these beliefs we have developed the tapestry technology and a suite of tools to help you take back control of your data and leverage it for your own gain.

You can read more about our technology here:

Over the coming months we will release a number of products that leverage this new "technology".

The first is built for Small to Medium businesses. Your local corner store.

Our intent is to allow SME’s to access these benefits first to give them the tools they need to succeed in the future data economy.

This is a journey we are going on. We won’t be perfect but we know the destination is an equal playing field and a fairer market.

As we continue to develop the platform and our product suite we will extend this philosophy and technology to the broader market.

If you would like to join us as a customer, investor or partner please get in touch.

Christopher Bartlett