Data Monetisation

Not long ago, in a world quite like ours, ordinary people stumbled upon a valuable treasure hidden in plain sight. 

These people had known of the potential value of this treasure but did not know how to unlock it or access that value for themselves.

Now this treasure wasn't oil or precious metals, but something just as important – their data. 

As more and more people became aware of this untapped wealth and how to unlock it, they started to recognise the potential of their data as a new income stream which was highly profitable. 

Picture this: it's 2025, and you're monetising your data. Sounds far-fetched? Think again. 

With the increasing reliance on artificial intelligence and automation, the demand for data is only going to grow as these tools are only as good as the information they have access to.

You have an under-utilised asset that you can and should benefit from financially.

Each one of us has a balance sheet that keeps an account of our assets and liabilities in our life. Tangible assets, like a house or a vintage car collection, are easy to understand. They're things you can touch and feel. But what about your intangible assets, those elusive items that can't be grasped with your hands?

Intangible assets are present in our lives too. They're the "know-how" you possess, your brand, your network of connections, or that trade secret you've discovered. And perhaps the most valuable intangible asset of all is the information you know and the information about you or your business – your data. 

Yes, you own this asset, and it's high time you make it work for you.

Take ownership of your data

Imagine this: you're walking down the street, and your favourite coffee shop offers you a personalised discount on your favourite drink. Why? Because you've chosen to allow them access to that information, and in return, they use that information to better cater to your needs. A win-win situation, isn't it? Well it should be.

You see, your information is an asset. It's valuable, and if you don't monetise it, someone else will. In fact, that's how the internet largely operates – your data is sold by third party aggregators to advertisers, who then use it to target you or use it to restrict access to other opportunities. 

That doesn't seem right, does it?

Shouldn't your data work for you instead? It can and it will. There's a growing movement of people and businesses choosing to take ownership of their data and monetise it for themselves. This gives them back ownership over who they share their information with, and it creates a new income stream for them or their business which is highly profitable. 

In fact, some businesses in certain categories can see up to 12% bottom line growth (net profit) through data monetisation.

So how can you monetise this valuable asset?

For businesses, consider the following steps:

  1. Analyse your existing data and identify what information is valuable to others.
  2. Develop a data monetisation strategy that targets potential customers, suppliers or partners.
  3. Create data-driven products or services, or collaborate with other businesses to enhance your offerings.

For individuals, consider these options:

  1. Participate in data marketplaces that allow you to leverage your data in exchange for money or services.
  2. Use personal data management platforms that give you control over how your data is shared and monetised.
  3. Collaborate with companies that value your data, and negotiate better deals or rewards for sharing your information.

Data monetisation is a growing movement, and it's time for you to harness this under-utilised asset for your own benefit. So don't wait, take ownership of your data now.

tapestry is a technology that allows you to take ownership of your data and monetise it directly. We do this through providing a suite of data driven tools, products and services.