Internal Monetisation - How to Use Retail+ to Drive Sales and Optimise Margin


In today's fiercely competitive retail landscape, data emerges as the linchpin of successful business strategy, promising unprecedented insights into consumer behaviour and operational efficiency. Retail+, engineered with Tapestry’s pioneering data fabric technology, encapsulates the next frontier in internal monetisation, offering retailers an unmissable opportunity to leverage the potential of their data to increase sales and optimise margins.

Product Overview

Retail+ emerges as a groundbreaking tool, aligning impeccably with existing Point-of-Sale (POS) systems to provide a consolidated hub for all relevant business data. Running on multiple devices, Retail+ ensures real-time insights and reporting are accessible anytime, anywhere, giving you infinite options for data monetisation and business optimisation.

Key Features

The product offers a robust suite of features designed meticulously for retail businesses:

  • Group and Cluster Analytics: Facilitating analysis to steer business strategies effectively.
  • Real-time Product Analysis: Enabling instant insights to gauge product performance and make informed decisions.
  • Supplier Reporting: Offering a detailed view of supplier performance to foster fruitful partnerships.
  • Demographic Cohort Analysis: Assisting in identifying and targeting the right audience segments.

Beyond this, Retail+ extends a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the dynamic needs of retail businesses.

Enhancing Business Outcomes

Retail+ serves as a beacon of transformation, nurturing efficiency and transparency at multifaceted levels. Businesses can anticipate enhanced outcomes, such as:

Better Inventory Management

Unleash the potential of analytics to refine inventory quality, aligning it meticulously with market demands.

Cost Optimisation

Leveraging department reporting and staff performance analysis to synchronise space allocation, workforce management, and streamline orders, thereby significantly curtailing costs.

Risk Mitigation

Constructing a transparent operational backdrop, which minimises risk while nurturing trust across all business echelons.


Industry stalwarts like Jarod Bridgart, Group Buying Manager at Reddrop, vouch for Retail+'s transformative effectiveness, underscoring its pivotal role in redefining business trends.

Technical Prowess and Integration

Retail+ harmonises seamlessly with both on-premises POS and cloud API software, fortified by Tapestry's avant-garde data fabric technology. This centralisation not only expedites information retrieval but also fosters data symbiosis with other Tapestry products, enriching the information sharing ecosystem.

User Experience: Seamlessly Integrative and Responsive

Crafted with user-friendliness at its core, Retail+ promises an intuitive experience across both web and mobile platforms. The universal search feature amplifies efficiency, enabling swift searches across countless products and activities - even amidst the bustling shop floor - and responding to real-time scenarios.


With options for email reporting and report exporting, Retail+ assures that critical data-driven insights are always within reach, facilitating strategic planning and decision-making.


As we stand on the cusp of a retail revolution, Retail+ emerges as a powerhouse, empowering businesses to not merely analyse but to monetise their data swiftly. It stands as a sentinel of transparency, a crusader against risk and a leader in efficiency, carving out its niche as an essential tool in the modern retail environment.

Retail+ invites businesses on a transformative odyssey, where data morphs from being a static asset to a vibrant instrument for growth and optimisation. It signifies a paradigm shift, redirecting the focus from mere data analysis to constructing a business that is resilient, agile and prepared to respond to market fluctuations with confidence.

The journey with Retail+ is an exploration into a realm brimming with opportunities, where every piece of data holds the promise of unlocking novel pathways to success. It represents a vision of the future, where businesses are not just driven by insights but are dynamically adaptable, steering forth with a roadmap drawn from deep, analytical foresight.

In conclusion, Retail+ is not just a tool; it is a partner in growth, fostering a synergy with businesses to scale new heights. It beckons retailers to seize this moment, to embrace the potential lying dormant in their data and to forge a pathway to unprecedented success.

Leverage the transformative potential of Retail+ to realise a future of enhanced margins and surging sales, steering your business into a horizon of limitless possibilities, defined by innovation, agility, and growth. Unleash the power of Retail+ to drive your business to uncharted territories, where success is not a possibility, but a guarantee.